How it works

It is improper to think that rash, dryness and other skin troubles would go away by themselves. The real radiant and healthy skin depends on condition of intestine.

    Intestine dysfunction, dysbacteriosis might cause acne eruption, allergic skin rash, pigmentation, flaking, erythema and other troubles.

    If you have the above mentioned problems take a test and find the possible solution.

    Particular case is allergy rash caused by atopic dermatitis.

    Indications for use of Lactofiltrum® in case of allergy read here.

    The up-to-date innovative product of dual effect Lactofiltrum® renders complex influence on organism, reviving skin and intestine microbial balance and reducing toxic burden, the product facilitates skin health and retrieves natural beauty.

    Lactofiltrum® contains two active components:

    • sorbent which cleanses and withdraws toxic agents out of organism;

    Lactofiltrum® contains natural sorbent – lignin.

    Lignin - a natural sorbent, which binds and removes toxins, bacteria, allergens from the body. Lignin enters into the composition of Laktofiltrum:

    - made of the wood of conifers in accordance with the international quality standards;

    - 2500 times more efficient than activated carbon * (* for sorption of E. coli);

    - does not damage the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract;

    - might be recommended for long-term courses.

    Scientific research reveals that lignin also has immunotropic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral action.

    • prebiotic which revives intestinal microflora.

    Lactulose as a part of Lactofiltrum® acts like prebiotic restoring internal intestinal and skin beneficial microflora and also stimulating the immune system.

    How Lactofiltrum works

    Lactofiltrum®: healthy intestine – beautiful skin!

    10 reasons to choose Laktofiltrum

    1. Laktofiltrum is the effect of two preparations at once: enterosorbent and prebiotic. Lignin cleanses and detoxifies, lactulose restores microflora balance.
    2. Laktofiltrum is 2500 times more effective for sorption of harmful bacteria and toxins than activated carbon.

    1. Laktofiltrum doesn’t damage the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and can be recommended for long-term taking in contrast to activated carbon and other adsorbents.
    2. Laktofiltrum doesn’t cause constipation, even after long-term taking.

    1. Laktofiltrum successfully helps to cope with the intestinal dysbiosis. As a result, it’s improved the overall health and makes immune system stronger.
    2. Laktofiltrum helps to solve skin problems, which are related to skin and bowel dysbiosis. Skin improvement is seen already after four weeks of treatment (confirmed by 80% of women).
    1. Laktofiltrum, because of its harmless, can be taken by pregnant or lactating women.
    2. Laktofiltrum can be taken even by the little children! This is particularly significant for kids with allergies and dermatitis.

    1. Laktofiltrum is a perfect thing for courses of detox-programs.
    2. Laktofiltrum, thanks to its complex action, helps fight allergic skin rashes, is quickly excreted allergens and relieves itching.

    How to take the product

    • Take it 1-1.5 hour before or after meal and medical products administration.


    • Take 2-3 tablets per day along with proper amount of water. You may chap the tablet.

    Сourse admission

    • 21 days – to revive healthy and bright skin.
    • From 14 days or according to doctor’s prescription – in all other cases.

    The product can be used during complex therapy with other medicines, stick to the rules of administration. The product is allowed for intake during pregnancy and lactation period.

    Counter-indications: individual intolerance of the product components.


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    for product and general inquiries:
    Instructions for use and indications are country specific. check product patient information leaflet in your market. Do not exceed recommended dose.
    If you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or have a known a medical condition, you should consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.
    Dietary supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied diet.