Lactofiltrum®  helps cleanse your body19.12Beauty of skinLactofiltrum® helps cleanse your body

If you started to notice your hair fades and breaks, the skin flakes off, dark circles appear under the eyes, constant headache and irritability, you need to "clean up the body."

Cosmetologist’s Opinion27.12Beauty of skinCosmetologist’s OpinionWhat you have on your skin that you have inside, what you have inside will soon appear on skin’ cosmetologists say. That’s why external actions are not always enough for healthy skin. Svetlana Gnatyuk, a cosmetologist with 20-year experience, member of Ukrainian Assosiation of Cosmetologists and Dermatologists, helped us to hunt down this matter.10 facts about Lactofiltrum®18.08Our health10 facts about Lactofiltrum®1. Scientific research by the Russian-Swiss pharmaceutical group AVVA Pharmaceutical AG. 2. Has been produced since 2001 of high-quality material at the factory AVVA RUS in Kirov (Russian Federation); since 2010 the medical product has had over-the-counter status in the Russian Federation.Dysbacteriosis15.08Our healthDysbacteriosisAnother organ also can tell us about microflora; this organ covers, like a stoking, the intestine wall, other mucosae and human skin. Being absolutely invisible this organ weighs for nearly 2 kg and consists of at least 1014 cells (100 billion) of microorganisms. This number is 10 times higher than the number of own cells of the host organism, in other words – human cells. Normal micro flora, inhabiting all ecological housings of a human being, is the main and primary protective barrier of the immune system. The most ‘populated’ is colon, which contains 60% of the entire micro flora, then skin with 20%, and upper respiratory airway containing 15%. More than 400 species of different bacteria live in the intestine.Lactofiltrum as a factor of enhancement of skin bactericidal function12.08Our healthLactofiltrum as a factor of enhancement of skin bactericidal functionState of normal micro flora is one of the most important indices of human health. Disorder of the normal micro flora composition might cause evolution of diseases as well as manifestation of asymptomatic diseases. The article is devoted to valuation of influence of the home medical product Lactofiltrum, which is an additional source of food fibre (hydrolyzed lignin) and prebiotic (lactulose), on composition of staphylococci, one of the main agents of conditioned pathogenic microbiocenosis of skin.What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?11.08Our healthWhat is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?Probiotics are living microorganisms which, if they are prescribed in sufficient quantity, render positive effect on human organism. Probiotics may increase in comparatively short time quantity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which is important, for example, after course of antibiotics. But the effect doesn’t stay long for strange microorganisms die quickly in the organism. Experiments show that integration of bacteria leads to change of the micro flora composition for a short period of time, then the primary composition restores soon. It’s necessary to mention that some compositions of probiotics affected negatively on health. Any immune system reaction to strange microorganisms in prebiotics may have both positive and negative effects. So, probiotics have advantages as well as disadvantages. That’s why it is very important to consult doctor before take them.Allergy09.08Our healthAllergyAllergy is one of the most widespread diseases in modern world. It’s actually the disease of the XXI century. Factors like deterioration of ecological situation, non-balanced diet,excessive medicamentation therapy, uncontrolled usage of antibiotics, stress, physical inactivity, climate changes enhance exposure of organism to allergens.Beauty within the tablet09.08Beauty of skinBeauty within the tabletBeauty and health of our skin are two of the all factors giving us general satisfaction with our life. Indeed, if we are not satisfied with our look we cannot deal with things, we whine about weather, and personal life leaves a lot to be desired. You have noticed that the more you care about skin (various creams, masks, cosmetologist visits) the worse it looks, haven’t you? According to scientist-dermatologists, deterioration of skin condition is first of all related to intestine disorder and accumulation in it of natural toxic wastes which form after organism activity, as well as penetrate from the environment.

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